2. Welcome


From The President's

On behalf of the National Executive committee of the Mouth Saint Gabriel’s Old boys’ association, I wish to thank you for your interest in the affairs of your Alma-Mata. I urge you to continue to do this as we together strive to achieve our association goals which primarily are focused around improving self collectively and support for the school.
The National executive committee has over the last few years tried to elevate the association to the level it should be; An alumni association which is nationally recognized and locally relevant in the affairs/decisions made for/by the school which gradually becoming a stakeholder in the role of educating and preparing our youths for their roles as leaders of tomorrow. This is what we aspire to achieve, though we are not there yet. We are at the moment are chatting a path towards this goal.

This EXCO since inception has referred to itself as a transition EXCO.” Transition “in the sense that, this is the first time that the EXCO is predominantly made up of old boys from the ‘80s and ‘90s sets. This is significant because it tells us of a slight shift with more of the younger sets compared to the sets before the ‘80s. (our elders in every ramification). With almost 35 Sets after 1980 made up of an average of 150 persons, we have a pool of over 5000 old boys who can ensure this happens by actively participating and supporting the affairs of the MSGOBA.While we continue to push this, we will also collectively rely on the guidance and advice of the older sets, who in their wisdom will continue to show us the way and ensure we do not make the mistakes of the past.

This current exco has focused on three main pillars:

  1. Leadership and governance: The success of any organization is based on a system that works smoothly in spite of the persons running the organization. We must develop a smooth enough system with working documentation, protocols and actions guided by a constitution. In line with this, we have successfully registered the association with the Cooperate affairs commission and are in receipt of our certificate of incorporation. Secondly, a review of the associations constitution has recently been concluded and will be presented to the congress for endorsement at the next scheduled date
  2. Transparency: The sustainability of any association is based on its financial capacity to fund and execute the activities as expected by all members. This has not been a smooth ride. My team and I understand that there is a trust deficit between the EXCO and members of the OBA.Our primary goal is to erode this trust deficit gradually through financial transparency and sacrifice by members of the EXCO to ensure we succeed. This we are all leading by example for all to see. While we do this, we must state that the only source of income of the EXCO is from membership dues and registration as well as any levies that may be deemed necessary after endorsement by the Congress. I must say that if these are not being paid, we can only do as much. In line with this and moving on from the past, we will be opening new back accounts and will have yearly financial reports shared with all.
  3. One big MSGOBA: We continue to preach the mantra that you have heard for us over the last few months, “One Big OBA”. This is critical because we realize that that is the only way we can become a force to recon with   nationally. We MUST all pull in ONE DIRECTION. While we understand the need to continue to associate with the persons you know and schooled with and your classmates, thus the need for sets etc., we encourage these to be the building blocks of ONE BIG OBA.We continue to encourage set and city branches across the country and in diaspora but we are mindful that these are branches that tap into the stem and routes progress. This is the ONE BIG OBA we all must strive towards. What we can achieve with the over 10000 Boys (Now men) who have passed through this school. MSGOBA must not be mentioned in passing as an old boys association, it MUST be regarded as one of the best OBAs in the Country. This we can do, but only as one. All City and Set branches are encouraged to register with the National MSGOBA and we in turn will support these registered memberships when called upon.


We will continue to communicate on our challenges and progresses so as to get your feedback as well as solicit your support to ensure we arrive at where we will like to be in the next few years. We will be working very closely with the set and city branches to ensure this communication is firm and currently are doing this through the expanded exco which will hold meetings at intervals.

Now we live in a world on a fast lane with internet and social media making communication much easier and faster. We will log onto this and ensure we use all available media to connect to all old boys. We also are weary of the risk of “fake news” and will ensure we engage all accordingly to ensure everyone “knows wats up”.

As we build on the MSG website, we encourage all sets to make use of their set pages on the website and share all information about their activities and events with the National OBA so we build this love and comradery between and within us all.

Thank you and always remember who we all. Fortitude Dei

In God Out Strength.

Dr. Terna Nomhwange MBBS, MSc, DTM&H (FRSPH)


National President.

Mount Saint Gabriel’s’ old boys’ association